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Building communities through affordable housing solutions

John Allen Group

Let's end homelessness in California

Our mission is to eradicate homelessness and housing insecurity in Ridgecrest CA

New Construction

Property Management

As a local developer in Ridgecrest CA, our partnerships are the key to our success. We are invested in the sustainable growth of our community and stakeholder organizations.

Our committment and passion for providing outsanding customer service sets us apart as a property managment company.

Affordable housing

Why Ridgecrest?

The John Allen Group is on a mission to end homelessness by building housing for individuals on low to moderate incomes in Ridgecrest CA.

Why Ridgecrest?  Because we love this town.  Located in the Indian Wells Valley and surrounded by four mountain ranges, Ridgecrest is a hidden gem.  Home to China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, Ridgecrest is a military town with a rich history of being a hub for technology and innovation.  


With over 28,000 residents, the exceptionally sunny weather and relative affordability, when compared to other areas in California, has made Ridgecrest an attractive destination.  


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"We are a faith based organization with a partnership focused approach to community development.  We believe that Ridgecrest CA is an incubator for innovative solutions to the national housing crisis.

Moving Mountains

Our Approach


We encourage community stakeholders to have a seat at the planning table.  In order to understand the housing challenges, it's important to work closely with our neighbors.


Unlocking innovative solutions drives our mission to eradicate homelessness and housing insecurity in Ridgecrest CA.  Everyone has the right to safe and affordable housing.

Focused Execution

Our focused approach allows us to concentrate our efforts on Ridgecrest CA and maximize our community impact. 

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